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Akai ryuusei
Akai Ryuusei as seen on the MINT Website
Name(s): Akai Ryuusei (紅い流星, lit. Red Meteor)
Gender: Male
Instruments: Piano
Status: Active 2008-present
Affiliations: MINT
Links:   Nnd  Mylist  Yt  Ameblo  T  Soundcloud

A sample cover by Akai Ryuusei, "Cantarella".
Feat. MINT

Akai Ryuusei (紅い流星) is a pianist and keyboardist, who is playing the piano and keyboard with an overwhelming confidence and also is the leader of MINT.




The Members of MINT, taken from their Website
Akai ryuusei
Akai Ryuusei as seen on his blog


  • He uses: Stage Piano (Roland RD-700GX, YAMAHA S90 XS), Synthesizer (Clavia Nord Stage2 Compact, Clavia Nord Lead, YAMAHA MOX6, KORG KARMA, KORG M-3) Organ (Hammond XK-Evolution, Keytar, Roland AX-Synth, Roland AX-7, YAMAHA KX5) Other (SUZUKI PRO-37V2).
  • He lives in Tokyo.


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